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I kicked off my career in 2000,  with a BA degree in Public Relations from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. My first job in the field was with a local advertising and public relations firm, The Montalbano Group, Inc. It was there that I learned the basics about the industry and things like writing radio and TV scripts, press releases, negotiating rates, and creating multi-media campaigns. 


I then shifted to a healthcare startup firm run by one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the country, P.K. Scheerle, R.N. P.K. has taught me so much about business and how to run a successful life. Still close to this day, I carry the many lessons I’ve learned from her with me.  


Following Hurricane Katrina, I felt the desire to move toward helping children, specifically in education. That’s when I accepted the Director of Development position at St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Lakeview [2007 - 2013]. 


There under the leadership of Fr. Will Hood and Dr. Merry Sorrells, I learned the fundamentals of fundraising and volunteer management as we worked to rebuild the church, school, and surrounding community from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. 


Moving on to St. Martin’s Episcopal School led by Dr. Sorrells [2013 - 2021], was pivotal to my foundation as a school administrator and an advancement specialist. Throughout this time I began honing my skills in areas such as fundraising, public relations, brand experience and marketing, community engagement, partnerships, and team management. 


Now, I’ve taken my knowledge and skill stack and I’m building my startup, Founded. It’s a creative brand strategy firm designed to support startup entrepreneurs in developing their brand identity while creating a strategic plan for community engagement and success.  


In September, I celebrated my first anniversary. It also turned out to be my best month so far. I’m proud to say that my contracts have included French Quarter Festival, Inc., Calm the Chaos, P.K. Scheerle, R.N. & Assoc., The Unconventional Dietitian, Dr. Merry Sorrells, Sorrenteaux, and more have all given me their endorsement. 


I love being born and raised and living in New Orleans. My devotion to the city is deep; however, there is so much work to be done to make it safer, healthier, and more equitable for all. 


During the pandemic, I realized what I missed most was what I loved the most. Family and friends were at the top of the list, immediately followed by our city, community, and culture. I decided then that I wanted to devote my talent and skills to serving the community in a way that is specific to those areas. This was the impetus for Founded. 


There’s a saying that, “Whatever you long for, give it to others.” This is something I practice faithfully. Book a complementary 45-minute discovery call. Let's see if we're a fit for a project. 


Organizations include:

Mom Force, Founder | Salon22, Founding Member | Association of Fundraising Professionals 

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