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The Three-Step Process to Creating a Brand

BRAND CREATION is a process that goes far beyond designing a logo and building a website. A brand is the personal expression of your organization.

It is the tangible manifestation of your vision and strong brands are built with deep thought, creativity, strategic intention, and courage.

Nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs are wise to prioritize and allocate the time and resources necessary to fully develop their brand identity, purpose, and community.

As I celebrate the completion of another Creative Brand Strategy, one of Founded’s signature services, I want to share the three-step process by which Founded will guide a client through the creation of their brand and the foundation to grow their target audience.

Step 1: Establish your brand identity. This is the essence of your brand. It will provide the foundation for why you exist, what you stand for, and your personality type and tone. It includes the core qualities of your brand that will serve as the guide when faced with exciting opportunities and inevitable difficult decisions.

The Founded process begins with a customized Brand Identity Questionnaire that will provide guidance to our clients through this phase of the process. The questionnaire is an essential tool to inspire a deep dive into a brand's purpose, values, and persona.

Step 2: Create your brand elements. Brand identity will lead you into this step as you shift into the visual personification of your brand or what your brand will look like; including logos, website, copy, and social media footprint.

Founded uses research to create a competitor analysis report that will inform the direction of brand visual elements. This process begins with a compilation of competitor data and concludes with a distinctive client look, logo, and website that is the essence of success for every brand.

Step 3: Develop your strategy. The most important relationship your brand will have is with its audience, thus, a brand must have a strategy to target and retain its audience. This process includes planning, patience, and resources to build a relationship over time on a foundation of trust.

Founded clients build an engaged community through newsletters, podcasts, interviews, and online events that provide clients with rich branded content to be shared across multiple communication channels.

Brand Creation is a methodical process of time, resources, and courage. And, I applaud all those bold enough to take the methodical and measured leap to begin, build, endure, and grow!

And if you need me, Founded is here to help.

Lisa :)


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