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Why Branding for Nonprofits Needs its Own Niche

Our world is so overly politicized and polarized, I believe our future depends on the balance created day in and out by our community nonprofit organizations. Thanks to a reported 1.5 million registered U.S. nonprofit organizations our communities are healthier, safer, cleaner, and albeit happier.

The work of nonprofits is essential to our communities. Just take a minute to think about all of the ways our lives are touched by their presence: medical care and assistance, scholarships and education, adult and youth programming, the arts, state and national parks, support for our legal rights and so much more.

We cannot deny that our communities benefit from nonprofits; however, why then do some nonprofits fail to thrive, and what will help their success rate? According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, the nonprofit failure rate is over 30% within their first 10 years due in part to lack of planning, unrealistic expectations, inadequate leadership, and funding.

Thus, poses a dilemma: How do nonprofits organize, build, and grow to fulfill their mission?

I believe the solution to the problem starts at the beginning. Nonprofits, just like for-profits, need to begin by building a strong brand to support their founding principles. Nonprofits must have a keen understanding of who they are, why they exist, and who they serve. Strong brands build trust, relationships, and communities all of which are necessary for any nonprofit to survive and thrive.

Having worked in nonprofit, one-person shops for years, I know budget constraints often feel like a roadblock to an organization's ability to allocate the necessary resources for brand creation and building; however, statistics argue that nonprofits cannot afford not to invest in their brand.

Branding is not easy. It requires introspective thought work, research, creative competency, strategic planning, consistency, and strong communication. It also involves an emphasis on mission-driven content and a strong commitment to relationship building; all of which take time and resources.

Keep in mind the work upfront will prove life-sustaining in the long run! A nonprofit’s brand is its most valuable asset and it’s critical to build one that is professional and recognizable without appearing commercially driven. Founded specializes in providing professional nonprofit branding and community engagement services.

Let Founded help you strengthen your brand and advance your mission with our signature Creative Brand Strategy, design development, and community engagement services. Contact us to help you create a recognized, revered, and remarkable nonprofit brand that will be the foundation for advancing your mission.

Here’s to everyone willing and wanting to make a difference!

Lisa :)


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